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The Pick n Pay brand

At the end of 2007 Pick n Pay embarked on one of the most extensive rebranding exercises ever undertaken in South Africa.

The new Pick n Pay logo heralded an evolutionary change, which while quite different from the original, retains the key features that have made Pick n Pay distinctive in the retail environment.

The rebranding exercise was in no way simply a cosmetic “facelift”, but rather an important signal of the deeper underlying transformation, change and revitalisation that the business was – and still is – undergoing. Importantly it’s all about the customer – and about turning insight into customer needs into action responses to those needs. The rebranding process gave us an opportunity to refresh, revitalise and re-energise the business, and most importantly to refresh the customer shopping experience when it all comes together on the shop floor. New talent was brought into the business to serve as a catalyst for the new culture of “Fresh Thinking” and innovation.

A tremendous amount of effort has been put into the re-energising of the Fresh Food offering in order to deliver at store level. Training academies have been established in both the Western Cape and Gauteng to retrain all staff within these areas. The Western Cape facility has been running for over two years and the facility in Gauteng opened on 1 September 2009.

Pick n Pay worked closely with a local packaging company in order to alleviate the confusion surrounding all the house brands that existed under the Pick n Pay banner prior to the rebranding. A three-tier strategy under “Good, Better, Best” was clearly identified, with GOOD representing No name Brand (NNB), which would offer excellent value for money, BETTER, a Pick n Pay brand (PnP), which would incorporates the migration of all Choice merchandised previously under Groceries, as well as Foodhall, previously merchandised under Fresh. BEST is still to be identified, and will be expanded during the course of 2010.

This strategy has now been implemented across the entire business, including Fresh Perishables, Groceries and General Merchandise, which was previously not the case. This total rebranding was completed towards the middle of 2009 and over the next two years we will launch approximately 650 new products under the NNB and PnP brands across all categories. There was a consolidation of the Fresh Convenience lines due to the downturn in the economy; however more exciting new products will be launched during the course of 2010/11.

Our new customer magazine, Fresh Living, designed to talk directly to a broad cross section of Pick n Pay’s customers, is going from strength to strength and has already won numerous awards. Latest figures reveal that Fresh Living is currently one of the top selling women’s magazines in the country.

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Artist: Mark Midgley