How does smart shopper work?

Smart shopper is giving you more reasons to smile

smart shopper is giving you more reasons to smile.

If you'd like to enjoy a number of money-saving benefits, why not become a smart shopper today? It's free to join, and the points you earn can be spent as you choose - receive savings on your next purchase, switch them to Avios for cheaper travel, or donate your points to charity.

Step 1

If you'd like to start saving on every shop, simply sign-up here. You can also fill out a form in-store, or register at the smart shopper kiosk.

Step 2

You can use the smart shopper kiosk in-store to view your points balance. You can also select exclusive vouchers before you shop to boost your points.

Step 3

Remember to look out for points promotions in-store. There are always a number of offers exclusive to smart shoppers.

Step 4

Remember to swipe your card at the till every time you shop to earn points, and hand your vouchers to the cashier.

Step 5

You can spend your points to pay for anything in-store, such as groceries, clothing and airtime. You can even pay all your utility bills – it's up to you.

More savings. Better rewards. Easier for you. Three things that are at the heart of everything we do. Now, isn’t that something to smile about?

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