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Our philosophy

Pick n Pay welcomes people whose values are aligned with its own, namely: honesty, integrity and accountability.

The people who flourish here are natural leaders, but who are also humble enough to accept being led when the need arises. We also want our people to be able to recognise that it is a privilege for communities to allow us to operate in their areas; and because of that, they have a responsibility towards them.

New employees embark on an induction programme; however induction is viewed as ongoing, in order to serve as a continual reminder of company values. The programme is hosted by in-store trainers, who are also responsible for welcoming new recruits and serve as their point of contact, ensuring they are oriented into the company.
Company culture and style

"Pick n Pay is a company that cares for its people, we believe in relationships; you don’t come here looking for a job, but for a career."

The company’s culture takes its cue from its mission, which is based on the belief that ‘all of us are here to serve, regardless of which level of the organisation we occupy. We are all here to make a contribution’. The organisation’s vision supports this statement, and is focused on creating a conducive environment where people can realise and achieve their dreams. This results in a milieu that fosters personal growth, nurtures leadership and rewards innovation. We want people to feel safe in taking risks; to know that it’s acceptable to make mistakes.

Pick n Pay prides itself on its culture and values; and commitment to its people. This is reflected in HR policies which govern career plans that translate into job security for employees.

An individual’s career path at Pick n Pay frequently starts at variable or occasional time employee level. The staff form a large pool from which Pick n Pay can appoint managers, following its policy of promoting from within wherever possible. The next step up the ladder is as trainee manager, where the employee will spend time learning all areas of the business, from fresh produce to cash office and floor management. At this point, a focus evaluation with a panel comprising the general manager or director of each region, the heads of administration, HR, buying and customer services, ascertains whether the individual is ready to proceed to store manager level. This pipeline is informed by the company’s manpower needs and growth strategy, this clearly outlined career path is a key retention tool. It creates a clear sense of where individuals are headed in the organisation; it also ensures that they know they have a place in the company. Because all store and regional managers are promoted from within the organisation’s ranks, staff turnover is kept to a minimum.

A Diversity Management Programme is in place to help employees get to grips with issues around inclusiveness. We view diversity – in terms of age and gender as well as race - as a competitive advantage, look at our buying department, for instance: a young woman will have far greater insight into the needs of new mothers than a middle-aged man.

The company has many divisions which support the company to achieve its objectives and there are many varied career paths within divisions such as Information Systems, Finance, Human Resources, etc.

Above all Pick n Pay is driven by integrity and honesty.

It’s crucial that all employees support the company’s strategy and buy into its values. They are, after all, responsible for implementing strategies and ensuring that the organisation’s dream becomes a reality.

Artist: P. Motswai