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Mission & Vision

Our mission
We serve
With our hearts we create a
Great place to be.
With our minds we create an
Excellent place to shop.

Our values
We are passionate about our customers and will
Fight for their rights.
We care for, and respect each other.
We foster personal growth and opportunity.
We nurture leadership and the vision, and reward
We live by honesty and integrity.
We support and participate in our communities.
We take individual responsibility.
We are all accountable.

Our stakeholder pledge
For our employees
We will ensure compensation, working conditions, benefits, job security, opportunity and personal recognition remain the best in the food retail industry.

For our customers
We will ensure that products made available to customers represent a combination of quality, price and service; and through efficient selling practices we will ensure Pick n Pay remains the first choice for consumers.

For South Africa and our communities

We will give back to the communities in which we operate through an investment in education and literacy programmes, housing, self-help schemes, child welfare, parent support groups, feeding schemes, relief programmes, cultural projects, sport development and environmental initiatives.

For our suppliers
We will establish and maintain efficient and fair business practices for our mutual benefit and to encourage the development and marketing of products in response to consumer needs and environmental imperatives.

For our shareholders
We will operate our business at a profit that represents an attractive return on investment, as well as provide funds for the future growth and safety of the organisation to ensure our company remains a sound investment.

Artist: Niki Dahz