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Small Business Initiative

We endeavour to assist small businesses, whatever the size, to become sustainable, meaningful suppliers to the retail industry.

We assess the goods or services that the business is providing, and help steer it in the right direction to ensure that they will end up on our shelves as well as those of other retailers.

We facilitate access to correct auditing procedures, for example Health and Safety audits for food production companies, and provide expertise with regard to developing labels, barcodes and packaging. We also offer guidance with finance and cash flow as well as other accounting advice. Furthermore, our foundation is focused under our Enterprise Development Fund to assist small business with funding or loans needed to get production off the ground.


PnP has officially announced its commitment to Fairtrade, the leading international certification system for sustainable production and poverty reduction in the agricultural sector, along with its assurance to stock Fairtrade products as they become available locally.

Fairtrade provides social, economic and environmental standards that are specifically dedicated to the empowerment of small farmers and farm workers whilst regulating production in a sustainable and environmentally sound way.

For every Fairtrade product sold, a percentage of the profit goes back to farming communities, which use this added income for social projects or to invest in small-scale farming.

Township bags

PnP is continuing its campaign to provide customers with plastic bag alternatives through innovative enterprise development partnerships.

Following the popularity of Pick n Pay's limited-edition designer eco-bags launched in stores around the country in early 2009, the retailer is launching an exciting new township® bag that will be a more spacious version of its predecessor, again in a selection of colourful,  limited-edition, eye-catching designs.

In addition to being locally made in the townships, the bag is now also proudly manufactured from 100% African cotton. The bags are manufactured by Fairtrade supplier Township, through co-operatives in Khayelitsha, and generate employment for more than 60 previously unemployed women from the townships.

School Club

The Pick n Pay School Club is widely acknowledged as one of the country’s most dynamic and successful channels through which schools benefit from business participation in the education of the adults of tomorrow. 

The programme is dedicated to facilitating meaningful relationships between Pick n Pay, the initiative’s co-sponsors, government, schools and their local communities.

The integrated result is a platform that delivers much-needed educational support in a meaningful and value-adding way. Experience over the years has confirmed that schools are hungry for new and innovative approaches to deliver the prescribed educational curriculum. They also crave financial support from the private sector. 

Judging by the number of repeat registrations and the growth in school participants, the Pick n Pay School Club fulfils both needs via this single, highly successful platform. Find out more at www.schoolclub.co.za


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